The doctors and staff at the Goulburn Medical Clinic and Ellesmere Specialist Centre are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of wellbeing and comfort, and to offer their patients first-class in medical services and facilities.

The Goulburn Medical Clinic has always offered after hours services to patients. This ensures patients are cared for overnight and on weekends.

As a recognised training clinic, the Goulburn Medical Clinic has registrars practice here as part of their rural placement. They are trained under our senior doctors; Dr Rod McConnell and Dr Isabella Hawke.  Dr Hawke also runs the rural ANU clinic at the Goulburn Base Hospital and often has a medical student with her during consultations at the clinic.

Over the past 70 years the Goulburn Medical Clinic has provided a comprehensive range of specialist and GP care to thousands of patients in co-ordination with the Goulburn Base Hospital, where many of our specialists have visiting rights.


How it all began

The Goulburn Medical Clinic- or the Goulburn Group Practice as it was known- was formed on 1 April 1946.  There were 4 principal doctors; Dr Coles, Dr Woods, Dr Kennett and Dr McCarthy. They were joined by 5 junior members; Dr Lyttle, Dr W McCarthy, Dr Docker, Dr Hoy and Dr Donovan. Group practices were unheard of in NSW at the time, and in fact Goulburn Group Practice was only the third group practice in Australia. The British Medical Association was approached for advice but the idea was so novel that they could not offer any assistance.

The doctors continued to practice from their various premises around town. Over the following years they purchased and renovated buildings to form what is now the Ellesmere and Mckell Place buildings, coming together to work from the one site.