• Our Locations

    GP Clinic
    6-8 McKell Place
    Goulburn NSW 2580
    Specialist Centre
    56-58 Clifford Street
    Goulburn NSW 2580

  • Business Hours

    Monday – Thursday: 8:00AM – 8:00PM
    Friday – 8:00AM – 5:30PM
    Saturday – 9:00AM – 12:00PM

Our main clinic in McKell Place opens at 8:00am. Please call us for your next GP appointment. If you would like to speak to the reception staff in the Goulburn Specialist Centre, please call after 8:30am.

Our Practice Manager Maree Stapleton is also available if you have any concerns on 02 48230227, or by email to: mstapleton@goulburnmedical.com.au

The Goulburn Medical Clinic does not currently offer SMS or email as a point of contact concerning appointments or results. However, SMS appointment reminders are in use.

The following extensions will give you direct connection to the appropriate receptionist:

Goulburn Medical Clinic, 6-8 McKell Place

Dr Rod McConnell 48230214
Dr Farooq Mohamed 48230214
Dr Isabella Hawke 48230208
Dr Katherine Scott 48230208
Dr Ehssan Kdady 48230213
Dr Wasan Matti 48230208
Dr Ahmed Al-Maliky 48230213

Goulburn Specialist Centre, 56-58 Clifford Street

Dr Margaret Beevors 48230221
Dr Ben Jacobson 48230221
Dr Tania Farrar 48230221
Dr Anthony Whelan 48230249
Dr Mena Shehata 48230249
Dr Kurt Verschuer 48230249
Dr Luke Liu 48230249
Dr Stuart Miller 48230249
Kate Harris 48230231
Dr Kaithal Shahir 48230223
Dr Tejas Patel 48230249

Goulburn Specialist Centre, 56-58 Clifford Street

Dr Jacob Kaplan 48230223
Dr Wisam Ihsheish 48230223
Dr Hamish Rae 48230223
Dr Ramanathan 48230223
Dr Wickramasuriya 48230223
Dr Alister Jones 62257030
Dr Charles Itty 48230249
Dr Khin Thu 48230223
Dr Andrew Leicester 48611955