After-Hours Clinic

Our practice runs an after-hours clinic each Saturday between the hours of 9am-12pm. Patients can book an appointment for the after-hours clinic via HotDoc, or they can present as a walk-in patient.

Urgent Care

For urgent medical care outside of our regular opening hours, please phone the Goulburn Base Hospital on (02) 4825 4000 or present to the emergency department at 130 Goldsmith Street.

HealthDirect After Hours GP Helpline 

Callers to the healthdirect helpline during the after-hours period are assessed by a registered nurse who may determine if they would benefit from speaking with a GP. If so, an after hours GP can contact the caller by phone or video call. In an emergency, the caller is transferred directly to triple zero (000). The after hours GP helpline uses the National Health Services Directory to direct callers to local services when they are available. Our practice ensures that patients are aware of the after hours GP helpline and its services by displaying posters containing this information in the waiting areas of the clinic, and by educating all team members to inform patients when appropriate.