Dr Margaret Beevors

MBBS, (Hons) FRACS. Dr Beevors is a Breast & General Surgeon who has visiting rights at the Goulburn Base Hospital and also consults once a month at Yass. Dr Beevors is an experienced surgeon who has a special interest in Breast and Paediatrics.  She has been at the Goulburn Medical Clinic Group for 30 years.  Dr Beevors is available for appointments on 4823 0221.

Dr Luke Liu

Dr Lui operates at Goulburn Base Hospital. Dr Lui has more than 15 years’ experience in general surgery and extensive training in various sub specialties of surgery. He believes in a holistic patient care with aim to reduce pain, suffering and complication with all of his surgical interventions. As an acute care and trauma surgeon he can sense patient’s urgent need for treatment. He endeavours to provide the highest standard level of care to whomever in need. Dr Lui’s special interests are surgical oncology; Thyroid and Breast cancer care with reconstruction. Laparoscopic (keyhole) Colorectal Surgery ; Laparoscopic hernia repair; complex abdominal hernia repair; Varicose vein treatment; Renal dialysis access; Rectal prolapse surgery ; reflux disease treatment; gallstone surgery; gastric surgery, and treatments for inflammatory bowel disease. Urological surgery; cystoscopy; stents and stone extraction. Video Assist Thoracic procedures : Biopsy, pleurodesis. Dr Lui is available for appointments on 4823 0249.

Dr Kurt Verschuer

MBBS, FRACS. Dr Kurt Verschuer has surgical rights at the Goulburn Base Hospital. He specialises  in hernias.  He also operates in all fields of general surgery such as colorectal, skin lesions, surgical oncology and upper gastrointestinal   Dr Verschuer is available for consultation on 4823 0249.


Dr Mena Shehata

MBBS, FRACS. Dr Shehata operates at the Goulburn Base Hospital, and consults from the Goulburn Specialist Centre. He has a particular interest in colorectal and surgical oncology.  Dr Shehata also performs tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies.  In April 2019, Dr Shehata completed training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy – Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy (Adult). Appointments are available on 4823 0249